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We are the main link between your customers.We can manage absolutely all communication channels related to customer service and enquiry processing.We will be responsible for all incoming calls, messages and enquiries related to your customers. We will give each of your customer enquiries our full attention, record them and add them to our database so that we can continuously improve and further increase your company's sales.We will keep track of the entire call history and distribution and provide you with a detailed analysis of the entire result of our work.We will have experts ready to help you 24 hours a day. Customer service is the face of your company that you show to the customer and the direct contact the customer has with the brand itself. Effective customer service builds brand loyalty, and the customer only buys when trust is built. Serving potential customers well ensures trust and a positive image of your company in their eyes.

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Administrative Services

Client screening and verification

Customer Support/Customer Relationship Management

Website Management & Administration

Sales & Marketing

Advertisement Placement

Search Engine Optimization

Appointment Setting/Reminders

Call Answering & Message Taking

Website Development & Maintenance


Our virtual personal assistants work directly with you to better understand your project requirements, working style, and client preferences. Individual and personal attention to detail, carefully monitoring each task assigned to us. All our virtual assistants are college graduates, fluent in English and are available in person by email, instant messaging and phone 24 hours a day every day.

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Be more efficient using our analytic

Once the collaboration has started, we track of the status of the enquiries, dates and comments. Results, analytics, project status, etc. are also tracked. Moreover, we always discuss with the client what we can do to achieve the best result and to organise the maximum number of conversions.

Quality control

We constantly monitor the quality of our work. This allows us to process a very large number of inquiries at the same time and to ensure a high level of efficiency.

Efficient solutions

Our state-of-the-art solutions allow us to process enormous quantities of inquiries which allows us to monitor in real time the customer service performance indicators that ensure a high quality of customer service. We understand that time is money, so all our systems are sophisticated to make them easy and fast to use.

Safe money

You don't need to hire a separate team to organise the visits. You can forget about recruiting, training, supervising and motivating your staff. And you don't need additional telephony systems to keep track of calls, their distribution and the entire sales visit process.

Safe your time

We'll take care of that for you, and all you have to do is sit back and watch the meetings start falling into your calendar. You can leave all the work of organising a business meeting to us. We'll keep you informed about the details of the meeting and provide you with reports and analyses, as well as record and history of all communication with your clients if necessary. We can also take care of your marketing solutions. This saves you time that can be spent on the task at hand, rather than escalating problems.We'll take care of that. Your customers don't have to wait long for someone to respond to an enquiry, we do it instantly.

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